Maker turns a river rock into shiny beetle jewelry

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I appreciate his effort, but I prefer the original river rock.


Came here just to say the same thing. Nice rock > tacky gold useless thing.

Cut rate Ryan Reynolds did a great job on his rock carving and decoration, but I agree with @Lisa_Beebe, it was already a very nice rock just the way it is. But phew… I don’t know if I could watch another of his videos. He’s almost as cheesy as I am.

I remember when we could just sit back and appreciate someone making something.



Step 1-Start your video with senseless screaming.

There is no Step 2, due to Step 1.


If only these YouTube people weren’t so…youtubey…

You want to see people make stuff? Here. Thank me later.

[The whole playlist]


For those with a negative reaction to the video. He makes these videos primarily for kids. The thing he pushes most is that anyone can start creating today with whatever is on hand. Obviously there is some minimal amount of tooling a person might need for a given project. Rocks, sticks, packaging, garbage it’s all material to create with.

He really pushes for people to ignore the voices internally and externally that say you can’t do it. Give up. Don’t try. You might fail. Don’t even bother. You don’t have what it takes. You suck. You’re a kid. Art is a waste.

Some of the goofy stuff he does makes me chuckle. Some of it I don’t care for either but he’s not making these videos for me. Some of the art he makes I would love to have in my home. Some items I don’t care for. All of that is irrelevant. The product is positivity and being ok with making mistakes while creating. He frequently makes mistakes and often these results in a better result than the original design.

But of course it’s easier to just be critical of the guy encouraging kids to try.


Well that is important information to know and that isn’t obvious from the video itself.


I love watching people make stuff, but not everything gets my admiration. Here’s something that does though:

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To be fair, I think the first video I watched of his, I too thought this guy is a bit over the top. But I watched more over time. And sometimes he is almost in tears telling kids to ignore the negative people. Start small. Learn skills. Tackle bigger challenges. Start today. Don’t give up. Make something everyday. What you can do will improve with practice.

It seems like everyone always wants to knock kids down rather than encourage them to do great things. They are our future and this dark timeline can make anyone feel like trying is hopeless. So if Bobby’s antics get through to the target audience and get them trying new things, mission accomplished in my book.


That rock turned out to be a lot of work. Itʻs probably too big to make a good necklace.

Gah! When “Hands” came on when I was a kid I found it to be torture. It’s not like we had the option to put on the other channel either as RTE2 usually had football or horse racing on.

Now I can watch it all day.

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It’d make a great club tho


While I don’t dig the format, which is clearly aimed at adolescents and tweens, I do appreciate the artistry and craftsmanship.

My favorite part of the entire vid was the WTF expression on the masked cashier’s face in response:



Looks like some of you are allergic to a good time. I understand, it happens with age.

My kids really enjoy Bobby Duke and enjoy creating art after watching his videos. That’s what matters to me.

Also, it doesn’t matter if you like what he carved or not. That’s not the point of making something. It depends on if you like what you make and hopefully learn something in the process.

Pretentiousness isn’t really a good look on anyone.


I don’t really care for this style of YouTube video, but the world is on fire, and anyone who wants to bring a little bit of art and joy into it is fine in my book.


Well that makes far more sense. Thanks for taking the time to explain. Because yes, that doesn’t appeal to me, but I can get how that would appeal to children and it’s great he’s doing it for them.


No need to get all ageist, yo; some people are just natural kill-joys, regardless to age.


I didn’t realize that, totally agree that everyone should make the art and craft projects that give them joy.

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