Makeshift candles from household items

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If you need a makeshift cooking stove/heater (outside, of course), you can use a roll of toilet paper in a metal container, soaked in a combustible, like alcohol.


Yes, it’s a big flashlight.


I have done this while camping, pretty much any source of fat can be turned into a lamp. Usually we would find a tin can or bottle cap, pour in some squeeze butter or cooking oil, and use any piece of cotton cloth as a wick (I think we used small bundled dry plant stalks once too.)

You can actually just pour rubbing alcohol into a short can (cat food, tuna can, Altoid tin), and prop a cook pot over it. It’s basically like cooking with Sterno.

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“Make shitty candles from household items.”



That’s great! I’ll get out my flashlight and find them.


i have that same fleshlight!


Whoops… power’s out! Better scrounge around for some crayons and drink the rest of that jug of milk!

Oh, I know… I’ll get the cheap and freely available candles I bought for when the power goes out!

(Yeah, probably not everyone is prepared but are the examples here the BEST way of creating light if they aren’t? Won’t at the very least someone probably have a phone for some temporary light?)

ETA: Despite my snark, if it works, that light against the jug is pretty cool!

But did you name it?

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Trogdor the blind-n-a-tor.

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