The FLIKR Fire2 is a personal fireplace that goes anywhere and burns on simple rubbing alcohol

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Too bad rubbing alcohol is no longer available anywhere due to the pandemic.



“The world is burning! Capture the romance of civil unrest in your own living room! At $80, this will be the most expensive piece of crap stored away in your closet.”


It’s not too difficult to make something like this out of a beer or coke can, running on isopropyl alcohol which you can use to cook on, total cost, the price of the beer, or free if you scavenge a can.
Not quite so aesthetically pleasing, perhaps, but it leaves you with $80 for more beer.

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it’s June. it’s 90 degrees here. i’ve not been able to find rubbing alcohol in a store for two months. how tone-deaf is this “post”?


I can see this thing being cool party decor. You know, like in 2022 when we can party again. Set up like 20 picnic tables outdoors, pop one or two of these on each table, you’ll have a nice little night time fire party.

20 tables x 1 flame x $80 is $1600!!! 2 flames per table would be 3200! For that money you can buy all the booze, the food, a DJ, and all the tiki torches the local big box stores has on the shelf.

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Burns simple, readily available until very recently, Moltov Cocktail fuel!

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