Making a spinner toy that scrambles eggs in their shell


I usually eat only egg yolks and avoid the whites

F yeah! Deep-fried sous-vide egg yolks are heaven.

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This method is a bit less complicated (and requires 1 less tennis ball)


This is a cool re-use of the oldy-timey button on a string toy:

And the winner for the most decadant food item of the week goes to @stephen_schenck!

What’s the best way you’ve found to do this? I tried it with just eggs in water but I think it permeated in.

Ruined in the last few seconds by the addition of ketchup.


I’m hoping it was Sriracha, but it is hard to tell.

Ignoring all the delicious things to put on/with eggs, they chose ketchup. Gah!


I haven’t had any problems at all from water while sous-viding eggs in the shell.

I feel like the entire thing is a troll just because of that.

I usually eat only egg yolks and avoid the whites

Same here, and I thought I was the only one.

Why? I thought Mark had made a accidental reversal – I’ve heard of people who only eat the whites for health reasons (and basically that’s what the commercial product “Eggbeaters” consists of), but why would you only eat the yolk?

Rule one of instructional videos should be:

  1. Show finished product FIRST.

Then show the assembly and how to.

At last, the dream of America’s greatest living poet is realized!

not enough science here. around which axis should the egg be spun for the best result. Can you spin it fast enough for cold fu… uhm denaturation to begin. At what point will the egg break and create a mess never to get cleaned again.

He needs to watch the video on how to peel a hard boiled egg.

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