Watch a Japanese egg poacher that cooks yolks into stars and other shapes


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Aptly named dream land.


These seem more like steamed or coddled eggs to me. Maybe it’s the hard yolk that turns me off. I love a nice runny yolk.


I want that timer.


Poaching ≠ Boiling

One would be amazing. The other is just a rubber mold.


Roger That!


I’ve been trying to pouch eggs for a minimal time perhaps that oil used would improve it…in small china bowls in a microwave


That yolk color is impressive.
It looks like Japans eggs are quite a bit better than most US eggs.


Why not fried eggs in a cute shape?


All those sneaky cooks, heating up eggs without a valid permit…


From the looks of it you can temper the yolks separately, say in a water bain-marie, and then pour the still liquid yolk into the white.


sorry, but, I think I’ll make eggs the old fashioned way


as I watched the poacher video, I found it neat to anticipate how it would work.

I had much more difficulty with this one. Granted I don’t know what Takoyaki is…


Exactly :smiley: Who cares about the eggs. Give me the Cuckoo-timer :rofl:


Octopus Balls.
Bits of octopus in a fried batter. They are tasty.


I prefer the inverted variety:


must - resist - urge - to - buy
this cuteness

useless - but oh so cute


yeah, talk about burying the lede…
The title of this post should be “Watch an amazing cuckoo clock egg timer perfectly and adorably time a gadget that cooks yolks into stars and other shapes”


The microwave never works for me, unless I want the egg to come out in the form of a foam. It works well for scrambled eggs in a ramekin with butter, but if you’re looking to make poached eggs you have to use a lower setting than I’ve ever tried (50% power).


…the chief cooked the egg whites for 15 of our minutes which throws in your question about cooking time for the egg whites…
which makes me ask which part of the egg cooks first which should have been my question…

does anybody know what cooks best first