Making our devices ours

We got a lot of smart and careful bbsers here!

And many of us want to resist corporate surveillance and capture of our lives-- and of our devices.

This is a let’s say, debugging thread. Let’s help each other clean up our devices, by cleaning out the unwanted but well-hidden crap that increasingly pollutes them.

Other device questions, links, tips and so on are welcome too.

Thanks to @sqlrob for suggesting this thread!


I’ll start–

I got a new phone (Samsung), and there’s a lot of junk on it.

Anyone know of a good guide for scraping out as much junkware and spytech and such as I can from it? Or do you have any tips for things I should try to delete, or maybe be careful NOT to delete?

I did find and delete a sort of trojan Verizon app that was automatically adding game apps, so I’m glad to have stopped that crap. I wonder what else is lurking on my new phone, spying on me, or insisting on notifications, or adding unwanted apps, or… ugh.

Still gotta cut off a tiny piece of electrician’s tape to cover that little eye/camera that’s always staring at me.


I’ve found a lot of carrier updates will keep adding crap back. The trick I have for this is I tend to have most of my stuff in folders, so the new stuff sticks out like a sore thumb for instant deletion.