Making the perfect crème brûlée

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I happened on a Kitchen Nightmares replay a few days ago and a creme brulee served to Chef Ramsay was… memorable. Starting the show with this exchange makes it look like a mockumentary.

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That’s a follow-up to his video about being shown crème brûlée being made at “Au Petit Riche”, so might make a little bit more sense if you watch that one first:


creme brule’, while not easy (It needs more technique/knowledge than, say, mac and cheese), is NOT difficult, and perfectly within reach of any person who can generally cook/bake and is willing to invest in the ingredients and the one piece of specialty equipment you need (the torch, which is not at all expensive).

This IS a case where investing in quality ingredients is sort of the , ahem, raison d être of doing it in the first place. What I’m saying is, spring for the real vanilla beans, and if possible, actual barnyard eggs with nice deep yellow yolks that taste like eggs and fresh dairy.


You don’t really need a torch if you have a broiler and adjustable oven racks.

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The torch is so much more fun!


The wife and I love creme brulee, but I really dislike it when the custard part is warm or hot. A torch certainly works better at keeping the heat just on the sugar and not warming everything.


If the custard isn’t cold the caramel stays soft. The original method of bruleeing was to use a metal disk heated red hot in the fire and pressed onto the sugar. Now that takes practice to get right!

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I have a flame weeder.

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