Male ducks worry about penis size too according to study


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The biggest reveal for me reading this was that ducks are among the species of birds that actually have a penis



I wonder what you mean by “too”…


It’s not the size that matters, it’s what you do with the barbs.


Are drake hormones the next male enhancement fad?


Well, that explains why Donald doesn’t wear pants.


Researchers Worry About Duck Penis Size, According to Study


Right; I highly doubt that the ducks themselves have any concerns…


Way I understand it, ducks have nothing to worry about there.

(I’ll just see myself out now…)


Warning, actually somewhat disturbing (nature is hella messed up)…

I wonder if we can talk Turnip into diving into a vault of gold coins. :thinking:


I am always delighted that the public really takes an interest in science.


There isn’t enough gold to do a Duck dive. I’m almost sad about it.


Can scientists find a way to put “penis” into every headline about climate change?


Republicans in 2020: Penises are a Chinese hoax.


This is the future that Liberals want


Not popular among scientists for various reasons.
One being that penes is such an annoying plural for many of them, while the rest insists. It’s never going through the pissing contests that peer review is.

However, tiny hands are currently chipping away the budgets for cool research. So, maybe, science will warm up to the idea and rise to the occasion. Sex sells, they say. If we have to prostitute ourselfes on the market of ideas, we might as well do with a P value larger 5 % in the headlines…



Nice flexibility!


What this story really needs is Daffy Duck loudly proclaiming, “It’th NOT the thithe of the weapon, it’th the fury of the attack!”