Nibbles the duck patiently waits for Jonny the human child

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What world is this where small children sit shotgun and argue over who gets to drive?


shiiit, I thought the duck was gonna drive

It’s all fun and games until one day the duck just snaps. You do realize ducks don’t have lips, don’t you? Those are not kisses.

The world of a private driveway where such things are legal.

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I had a duck that I bought as a duckling on Easter at the corner of the street in Baltimore County. In suburbia, I raised him to adulthood, and released him as he started taking flights for hours at a time. He wanted to be around other ducks and so we took him to a private pond and let him go. He immediately got 2 girlfriends. That was one great duck, and we had a great time together.

“It’s one duck, his name is Jim, and publishers are interested!”

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