Malkovich, Malkovich, Malkovich: an homage to photographic masters, by Sandro Miller




Words simply cannot express my joy right now.


My eyes! My eyyyyyyes~!


This really makes me wonder if I’m partially face blind… aside from the Warhol Marilyn I have a hard time distinguishing anything “wrong” about any of these (Edit: in the sense of them being distinguishable from the original). I even had to pull up the original of the Einstein one to compare.


100 lbs of awesome in a 5 lb bag.


Love Che.


I don’t know if you can Method Act a photograph, or if my eyes are so used to these historical pictures that such excellent facsimiles seem to blend into my cerebral cortex…

At any rate, both subject and photographer deserve kudos.


Grinning from ear to ear. That is just fucking brilliant.


Not so much a problem for me, but yes, the Einstein one is really close to the original for me.

I love these – really interesting.


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