The 'Milky Pinups' of photographer Jaroslav Wieczorkiewicz




“Vegans, pretend it’s soy.”

Impossible, vegans have no sense of humor.


“Vegans, get over yourselves.”


“Vegans, get under yourselves.”


How can you tell if someone is vegan? They will fucking tell you.


Ate a vegan once…
Dry and judgemental.


You can always tell a vegan.
But you can’t tell them much.


Those old ads were right — milk really does do a body good!


Geeze and boingboing was just complaining about guys objectifying women at a comiccon a few posts ago…so now we have a these male fantasy cream shots. I guess it’s different when you pay models.

Snark aside: great pictures.


Why the anti-vegan sentiment?


That milk seems to be pretty cold!


Amazing images. Super hot. Love it.


You could have shortened that comment to “Great Nipples, Sugar Tits”


I don’t know if I’m going to respond with snark or not, but I’d say it’s different. On the one hand, you have women at a con who are dressed, sure, scantily, at a con. But there, you have creeps taking creeper shots because they’re creeps. Here, you have pro photographers who have agreements with the models, who surely know that at least some people will see this as erotic and arousing. Which it is, yeah, but it’s also a pretty neat technical and artistic achievement.



And to be clear, I think it’s in the comments, not in the OP.


The older I get, the harder it is to take art photography like this seriously. On the one hand, most of the images are striking visually. On the other hand, hasn’t art photos = tits been kinda played out at this point? How much more is there to be said by covering women’s faces while uncovering their breasts?

Male gaze, something, something, objectification, mumble mumble, but still pretty, garble warble poot.


I’m tremendously impressed that they were able to figure out how to get the shapes they wanted out of liquids. The fact that those shapes tend to drape like fabrics, for me, makes using them to reconstruct classic pin-up shots entirely reasonable.

Erotic? At about the level of the pinups they recreate, meaning pretty tame by today’s standards.

I wouldn’t have objected to seeing male equivalents, though you’d have to find cultures in which men wear flowing robes to make the images work.



Quite honestly, I found myself both marveling at the expertise involved and a little squicked out by the symbolic bukkake.


What if it wasn’t milk, same reaction?