Pretty girls and forest creatures: photography by Katerina Plotnikova


The only model who is truly throwing caution to the wind is the one holding the raccoon. They are monkeys, crossed with coyotes, crossed with libertarians. Avoid.


All those pictures and I think only one semi-smile. I guess I wouldn’t smile either with dictator Putin in charge! :grinning:

The wolves in that two-wolves-and-a-girl seem to be most aware that they’re in a fairy-tale setup. The one on the left looks like he’s on the alert for an axe-wielding woodsman.

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I guess it is the “out of vodka and it’s cold here” kind of not-smile.

The foxes being held don’t look too thrilled about the situation. (Neither does the raccoon)

I can’t prove it, but some of these animals look slightly sedated.

It comes as no surprise that each pretty girl is eaten in a frenzied bloodbath just a few seconds after each shot but I didn’t expect the owl to suck her brains out through her ear.


That was enchanting!

Pretty girls, pretty photo, beautiful animals…

… bloody hell are they on the bloody snow with that kind of clothing??? BRRRRRRRRRRRRR

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What the hell is that snake doing there? Harshed my whole woodland mellow.

Reminds me of Ryan McGinley’s work, only with more clothes. (NSFW)


They are Russians.
You cannot freeze a Russian.

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The models look a little scratched and wounded in that series. I hope they were paid danger money …

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The raccoon looks bored as fuck.

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I love the fireworks ones. And the cave shots.

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