Malta's famous "Azure Window" has collapsed into the sea


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I suppose, wth rising (and possibly more tempestuous) sea levels, we’ll see more of these features disappear than we will see be created.

Environment Minister Jose Herrera said several studies had shown that no man-made intervention could have prevented the collapse. 

Nor should it. It is just nature doing its thing.


The video in the article does not show the collapse. (Mentioning this to save others from spending the 3 minutes it took me to watch the 36-second video due to buffering issues)


I hope they got Game of Thrones season 7 into the can first!


It’s such a relief to read that a natural landmark has collapsed due to the forces of nature instead of a pack of drunken idiots vandalizing it.


Why the hurry to accept blame for things we can’t control?


Having visited it, I’m not surprised by the span, but the stack falling over kind of shocks me.

Great diving there though, it’s all similar arches and caves underwater.


Sooner or later, this happens to all such formations.

Here’s one in California shortly before its collapse in 1979. :cold_sweat:


I keep reading about Game of Thrones in association with Malta and I’m here, like, “MAN, THAT’S WHERE POPEYE WAS FILMED!”


Another rock arch at Legzira, Morocco collapsed last year.

Erosion giveth, and erosion taketh away.


Of all the myriad terrible things to blame on AGW, I think that inevitable erosion of fragile geological formations is perhaps the easiest to forgive. Sic transit gloria…


Makes me think of the exhaustive efforts to preserve New Hampshire’s Old Man of the Mountains. (I didn’t realize it had been fourteen years already.)


And they just left it there, but I guess Malta is happy. It’s a tourist spot and there are a lot of video tours of it online.

I never picture Popeye living in such a rocky, green sea place. I always figured him for New Bedford or something.


Also, from nearby in the Bay of Fundy.


The sea giveth and the sea taketh away. I wouldn’t lose sleep over it. The sea is working hard all over the world, ceaselessly, tirelessly, to make more arches, rest assured.


The sea, she’s a fickle mistress. Yarrr.


Thanks a bunch. Now I am going to have the “Sweethaven” song stuck in my head for three of four days. Probably “Everything is Food” as well.


Fuck, I hope this isn’t some kind of omen, we just moved a huge peice of mission critical infrastructure to Windows Azure…


Thanks, Obama.