Man attempts to ignore TSA and walk into the terminal unscreened

I was not trying to watch a six minute video but that was actually worth it


Tyrese Gibson at the airport.

The increase in the number of guns found doesn’t mean the TSA has gotten better at finding them. It’s entirely possible (likely, even) that Americans are just bringing WAY more guns to the airport.

Combine massive gun sales with permitless carry laws in over half of US states (most of them implemented in just the last few years) and a lot more people flying who didn’t fly before, and you end up with a lot of really clueless people bringing guns to the airport.

Heck, former Congresscritter Madison Cawthorn got caught bringing a gun to the airport TWICE.

It looks like he’s walking across the lanes, not back out of the secure area. If he wanted to walk out, he had a clear path that didn’t involve pushing through barricades and whatnot.

My (very speculative) guess is that (1) he tried to bypass the queue by going through a closed lane (the lanes behind him at the beginning of the video appear not to be in use), (2) the Smurfs told him he couldn’t go that way, and (3) rather than simply join the queue, he decided to just plow through to one of the operational lanes. I’m not sure why, although the watermark on the video (“onlyinflorida”) gives us a hint that he is in fact Florida Man, who needs no “why” to do the things he does.

I understand the frustration. I have to prepare few days before taking any flight so I can be in ZEN mode. This dude had it and just want to cut the line.

Somebody with PhD need to sit down and find better ways to improve the airport experience. In the future, it won’t be the terrorist that we need to worry about, it’s the average Joe and Jane that simply can’t deal with all the chaos and explode.

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I lived there for 11 years.

ETA: Ope! I completely forgot the two years when I was a toddler. Make that 13 years.

GIF by VH1s Daytime Divas

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The last time I used Dulles Airport, the brutalist touches made me feel as though I was entering the death star. But I flew into one of those US airports that was only technically international, and the experience was way more casual.

The security is theater. The TSA does a lot of real, impactful stuff that shapes our society. They make our travel infinitely less pleasant and take way longer. They grope and ogle countless travelers’ bodies. They profile people of minoritized racial, religious, and gender groups. The list goes on!


That was my thought too – somebody was already filming before the TSA and police reacted, and the guy seems to have a bit of a grin on his face at the beginning.

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