TSA screeners can't detect weapons and they never could


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Shouldn’t this be filed under the ‘No Sh*t Sherlock!’ category? The TSA only exists to make the old white folks feel safe from the ‘Mooslims!!’. Outside of that, the agency is a waste of money and time and needs to be taken out back and shot.


I buy previously TSA confiscated Swiss army knives on eBay (about $5 each in quantity) for daily carry for myself and family members - basically toss them to whomever wants one.

Whenever I fly I refuse the pornoscanner. The TSA agents invariably refuse to let me just walk through the metal detector, so I get to see if they can find the one in my pocket as they grope me. They usually don’t. But when they do, it’s like they’ve thwarted my plan in much the same way my dog manages to thwart the mailman each morning.


They did detect and test a package of batteries I had in my carry-on. Apparently, AAs set off the bomb detection equipment.


Well clearly this report is the problem. Whoever leaked it needs to be prosecuted, so that we don’t hand the terrorists a how-to manual of getting weapons onto planes. What if they learned to circumvent the TSA?



Yes, true, if this were a just world.

But I have long suspected that the real purpose is to soften up the populace so that we willingly accept being subservient to a police state. This is the thin edge of the totalitarian wedge, incompetent or not. Or, perhaps the seeming incompetence is intentional, so that we can laugh at the details while the scaffolding is erected around us.


You may have stumbled onto the answer here. They have it set to Wile E. Coyote and have been looking for things shaped like sticks of dynamite all this time.


And - more to the point - pre TSA I could walk on board with a 4" folding knife, scissors, knitting needles, nail clippers, and a 2 liter of soda and not bring the plane down some how.

9/11 will never happen again. We can stop wasting time, money, and resources and go back to the regular level of caution.




Alternate captions:

  • clearly imbalanced
  • confused segway with old fashioned railroad hand car
  • all this action and no one was shot?

[Edit] Original story here: http://www.nydailynews.com/news/national/segway-dumps-idaho-cops-training-session-article-1.2252899


Yet! Today!


Hey, it also made Skullface Chertoff filthy rich, so that’s something, right?


Do they find your cucumber-in-foil codpiece?


The TSA always has been a waste of money.


Yes, and it goes to 11, heh…


Ha, I’m listening to the music under “Bet you recognize this famously sampled song” and it fits perfectly.


11 what? Need units. Furlongs? lightyears? mm? minutes?


My friend’s dad was (still “is”) a marine. Served in Vietnam. He’s well into his 70s now, and is suffering from something like alzheimers but worse. He flew with his daughter to another daughter’s house — all carryon luggage – and when they got there and unpacked the daughter found a HUGE combat knife in there. The father had no recollection of putting it in there, but the consensus was he brought it to take down any bad guys.


They searched me and my family quite thoroughly when I wore my wire-covered Video Coat into the Detroit airport, but the agents had no problem whatsoever with the eight quadcopter batteries I used to power it. They even had hermaphroditic plugs that would let me plug them into each other, allowing their 100 amp capability to start several fires if I so desired. Good thing I didn’t want to cause trouble.