TSA screeners can't detect weapons and they never could

we have the TSA beat – our airport security can find bullets hidden in the deepest recesses of your luggage


Good thing you didn’t have that coat display a star… :-/

they must feel totally usefull…lol

They detected my nefarious attempt to smuggle deodorant into the USA, and shut me right down.

Nearly missed my connecting flight, but I know it was for Freedom!




The only time that they have detected pocket knives in my backpack is at small airports where they have time to kill, so they perform hand checks of things that are packed thick with wires/etc. (I’m looking at you, Tri-Cities Pasco airport)

If you get a red Victorinox from the 70s with the magnifying glass that has a chip out of the small blade, please get in touch. I still want it back.


These guys get through because they’re regular agents, who don’t fit the profile. I’m sure the TSA could get them if they wore heavy beards, dark glasses, trench coats, black bowler hats, and carried spherical black bombs with sputtering fuses while screaming “DEATH TO AMERICAN PIG DOGS!” Or of course if they weren’t white.


The TSA can thus be described as either a massive stroke of utter criminal genius, or a massive stroke of utter criminal idiocy.

I’m going to say the odds favour the latter.

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I’d just say whoever came up with the idea of the TSA just had a massive stroke.

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