Man beats world record for fastest time to cross a greased pole

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I wonder if the rules maintain that you have to be upright? I think I’d try doing a headfirst slide into home plate, but that’s just me. :man_shrugging:


Probably not?


Yes, but I clearly mentioned sliding. He just kind of fell over. :man_shrugging:

I wonder what kind of grease that was. Apparently companies use all sorts of different colors for their greases.

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if you could get up enough speed before the grease starts that may be the way to go. let us know.

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They do this every year in Gloucester MA. (religious festival of some saint, apparently old world tradition.)

I hope that thing is re-greased between contestants.

Would be more worried about broken ribs!

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I noticed that several contestants left the pole before the greased part. Wusses!

I use clear bike grease for my greasing needs (and if anyone will get the below quote, it’s BB readers).

Start at 3:20 for the relevant 3 seconds.

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When I worked as a locksmith we used different colored greases for different products and conditions. I think the colors are somewhat standardized among manufacturers to designate which type of grease it is.

I’d be more worried about a broken jaw or serious concussion. It looked like some of those folks nearly bashed their faces on the pole as they fell.

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