Olympic pole vaulter foiled by own penis


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All I can say is in this case better foiled by his own penis than somebody else’s.


That penis was erect. I don’t understand.


Not the worst trouble those things can get you into.


Isn’t that what they say about sports in general? - “If it is not hard it is not worth a damn”


It appears as if he was going commando. I feel like if there was ever a time to be wearing a skin tight banana hammock or at the very least some tighty whities…this was it.


Pride goeth before the phallus.


If he was wearing a cup, he probably still would have touched the bar. But he wouldn’t have made that face.


Eh, seems to me a reasonable case can be made for it just being the fabric getting bunched up as his thighs rolled over the bar. Whatever the case, this was well over long before the bar got anywhere near his waist, methinks.


Well, sometimes when a man and a sport really love each other…



see what I did there?


An hour in and nobody’s pointed out that it’s the pole vault? Shame!



It appears he was vaulting with two poles…


It was a pole fault.


If only someone could invent some sort of strap these jocks could use that would prevent this sort of thing,


As a casual observer, I’ve clearly been missing many of the nuances of this complex sport.


That’s the problem with those things, always jumping all over the place, you never know where they’ll end up.

Pole vaulters, I mean.


Interesting, this is not something the Japanese are known for.


It gets hot in Rio. You don’t want your twig and berries to be steamed to death.


So, this is the rest of realities response to Trump upping the idiocracy quotient.