Man builds airplane on apartment roof


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build a neighborhood rooftop runway!



Escape from Mumbai?


Reminds me of this guy:


Getting down is the easy part.



It’s only 5 stories, a crane should be no problem with such a light object. But this is Mumbai. Once it’s on the ground the real problems will start.
My feeling is he needs to start work on a steam catapult.


Do people just dive in and start commenting about the article without even reading it?

Wait. Yes. They do.

The picture at the top of the page is of the guy and his airplane on the ground at an airshow. So obviously, he got it down.

In the actual article, it says that they dismantled the plane, lowered it to the ground, and loaded it onto trucks.

How did they lower it, you ask? On a crane that they built on the roof…


All I can think of is playing with an old version of Microsoft Flight Simulator (98?) and trying to take off in the Cessna 150 from the heliport on the World Trade Center. It did not go well.


Are you surprised? Disappointed, even?




Bureaucrats are the same the world over…usually incapable of doing anything constructive on their own they sit in the way of people who can actually make things of value. What a useless breed of creatures. Let the man fly his plane! He’s bright, he’s offering something of value to his community and some toad sits in the way. Best of luck Mr. Yadav. With your inventive streak you might think about building a toad exterminator too.

Happy skies to you.



A personal problem indeed. Worse if you have four faces rather than four hands, though.


Comment first, read afterwards. Alice in Wonderland.


999 arplanes to go!



No, the picture included with the Boingboing email and indeed on this very web page. I got shows it sitting on the rooftop. People are going to comment on what they are shown, not on what might be shown elsewhere not referenced in the article and the article makes no mention of disassembly and transport elsewhere.


Hey, you are taking away all the fun!