Pilot lands plane on helipad on roof of 56-story building (video)

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Mike Patey’s YouTube channel is pretty great. I don’t watch all his stuff, or even a third of it all the way through, but the sort of engineering solutions he comes up with and executes are top notch.

Mike’s building his own house in Utah, and he’s putting in a 30- or 40-foot deep diving pool, over which he’s installing a custom-engineered movable platform that can be raised to make a nice shallow end, or even raised all the way out of the water to provide deck/patio space. Next level (pun only half-intended.)


The comedian Zoe Lyons once said: “Have you ever been to Dubai? It’s like ‘Sim City” but without the human touch.”


Alice did it better in Resident Evil.


If you can’t endanger the thousands of people in a 56 story building for a stunt - why even continue living.


Did they run out of helicopters? They really should make more helicopters.


I dunno… I’ve seen bush pilots in Alaska do the same thing on the sides of mountains with high winds. Though probably the winds make it easier to land in one spot.

Here is an example, but I don’t think this is Alaska.


Of course there are competitions


oops i crapped my pants.

I get your point, but I wonder how many people were actually at the hotel? In a related video, the engineer (Mike Patey) related how they cleared the beaches so there’d be an emergency place to land, had fire trucks and ambulances at the ready, and even had boats with scuba divers suited up on standby. So I’d be somewhat surprised to learn any patrons of the hotel were in danger.

Also, the plane weighs less than a third of what a Honda Civic weighs, and is moving very slowly, so even if it were to hit the hotel, I wouldn’t be surprised if it essentially bounced off.


At least if the pilot overshoots he has a good chance of recovering before hitting the ground.

A Formula One car would drop like a rock.


clears throat


Cool stunt. Shame it was a redbull commercial


The airplane is actually a modified Carbon Cub, not a Piper Super Cub.


Saved me posting this!

Not to be dismissive of the accomplishment here in the original video, but STOL competitors regularly achieve less than 15 feet. A lot less than the 65 feet this Red Bull pilot had.

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I was up in Alaska last week and saw a Piper Cub-type aircraft on a flat section of glacier. I thought he must have made an emergency landing, until suddenly the pilot took off in about two aircraft lengths like it was nothing. Amazing.


With enough headwind, these planes can fly backwards

Do it from both sides, we’ll call it a win.

Not true. Last time I was in Dubai, a month ago, I met some of the warmest, most creative people on the planet. The artworld there is insane, especially where the metaverse is concerned. Dubai is already living in the 22nd century while the rest of the world plays catchup.

In an accompanying video, Mike Patey indicates the headwind was about 7 knots, and not all that steady. Seems plausible the landing could be done from both sides?

No offense, but Dubai is a gilded dystopia built on literal slave labor.

On top of that their public infrastructure priorities are so backwards that their fanciest skyscraper isn’t even connected to a municipal sewage system, causing a daily traffic jam of poop trucks.

If that’s what the 22nd Century looks like then I don’t want any.