Plane lands safely


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Hey look, a video link:

  • More Shitzenpantzin?
  • No thank you, fifteen is my limit on Shitzenpantzin!


Yeah, no. That’s when the pilot says, “You know what, guys? We’re going to go back up in the sky and fly to a different airport, preferably in a different climate, and you’re not going to say ‘boo’ about it.”


That hovercraft is full of eels


Turboprop, but anyway, it’s smaller than most of the airliners in the videos. So the potential for Hosenschmutz is probably much higher.

Is there something about the weather in Düsseldorf, or is there a photographer there with more time on their hands than at other airports?



ta! fixed


“Brown trousers time”?


Unless they were out of fuel and it was a “do or die” landing, that would definitely be the procedure here in the US.


Imagine being in the back of this one:

(Regular Speed starts at about 2 min if the time stamp doesn’t work)


Sweet mother of spaghetti monster!

Every child born to every passenger on that aircraft for the next three generations needs to be named after the pilot.


binch looks like its swimming thru the air


What a show-off!


“Welcome, and thank you all for flying GroßeMessingBälle Air. Stewardess, can you assist the passengers in row 1 with some cleanup? And row 2. And row 3. And …”


Literally the only time to clap for landing a plane is in situations like this.


I was nauseous just watching that.


But the Kobayashi Maru test is supposed to be impossible to pass!



Small plane was bad enough, but oh em eff gee. That post-landing swerve… new pants please!


Dash 8 is a tough little plane. I hesitated to watch that vid, but glad I did.

If you don’t know what’s enough until you know what’s too much, it sure is good to know that much wasn’t.