Man charged after "setting a fire" in a Texas Walmart


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And posted a video of himself doing it to facebook. The stupid it burns!
Edit I lack comprehension today. Nevermind. thanks @Boundegar


Well, that's a Princeton Man for you.


I'm confused - why is "setting a fire" in quotes in the headline? He succeeded, right?


Texas Man: it's a thing.


Their admission standards must have gone way downhill.


That's what I thought. No irony. Not a metaphor. Why the quotes?


The wording was on one of the stories about it and I found it charming, like he'd just gotten confused about where the campsite was.


You reminded me of one of my favorite Mr. Howell lines.


Sounds like you haven't met many Princeton alums.


A "gentleman", surely?


A true gentleman.


Man charged after “setting a fire” in a Texas Walmart

From article:

Four people were injured Monday afternoon in Princeton after a man poured lighter fluid on stacks of clothes inside a Walmart and set them afire.

So... I was hoping that "setting a fire" was in quotes because what he really did was fire up his lighter while a buddy sang Freebird. But he actually set a fire.


No, the police posted it, like a "wanted" poster. I wonder who ratted him out. Maybe they got a gift certificate for cheap crap from China, lightly toasted.




This far into the thread, and nobody's mentioned a fire sale?


why did he do it?


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