Man chugs beer seasoned with live wrigglers, cigarette smoke and flaming hooch


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I used to live at a house where you had to put the cap back on your forty if you set it down, otherwise you’d be chuggin’ butts with yer OE.

I really don’t miss that.


The rice in China is chock full of cadmium and arsenic, so maybe this is relatively low risk.


I wish him well in the after life.


For the vitamins.



So, gerbiling is for woosies?


We’re all amazed a guy swallowed some little fishes? Where I come from, wigglers are mosquito larvae. Get back to me when he puts those in his beer.


Or, as some people call it - The Aristocrats!


I could have done without seeing that. My fault for not reading properly.


It’s a thing.
A fairly traditional (i.e. historical) thing.

A lot of Chinese people smoke–in my dad’s generation, it was more unusual if you didn’t smoke, especially if you were a man. Nearly all my male Chinese-born Chinese relatives of a certain age smoke or used to smoke.

Incredibly, in South Korea, it was considered somewhat patriotic to smoke since the national government started Korea Tobacco and Ginseng Corporation in 1899, and owned tobacco (culture, manufacture, distribution) for nearly a century, as a state-owned monopoly.

So yeah, smoking and drinking (all kinds of stuff with stuff in it) is a given. The drinking of flaming-on-fire things, that’s news to me, as a standard. Showmanship, ok, but I didn’t really grow up seeing that.

Crikey, I must be old.

I do remember Dan Akroyd and his live Bass-o-matic demo, where he drank pureed raw (?) fish on live late night TV. Oh how the studio audience squealed and howled watching him drink and say “Mmm that’s good bass!,” as he did it all in one (camera) take. Yuck!

Queue up the Nietsche: what does not kill me makes me stronger…

ETA: needed to add an age qualifier in second paragraph.


nope I don’t think I’m going to click on this one


Wow, that was worse than I imagined. What’s next, rekt videos?

That guy who swallows and then regurgitates live goldfish, that’s one level of animal cruelty I can almost excuse. I tell myself that other than a brief Jonah panic they do all right.

Then the typical hazing prank of swallowing, then digesting live goldfish, it’s kind of gross, not a great way to kill an animal, but the nasty part is at least hidden from view. This guy likes to torture his victims first in what must feel like acid before finally killing them… Yeah, you told me what I would see, and it was posted elsewhere, so I guess you’re off the hook.

When you guys went from “a directory of wonderful things” to just “mostly wonderful”, I guess I assumed there would be stuff I needed to know about despite it being awful. I really can’t understand why you wanted to show us that video, though. Every now and then, you pull the same kind of stunt that you ridicule when other outlets do it.

I don’t want you to be ashamed, I want you to model self respect. That’s what we need most these days.


Cory was way ahead of you there, didn’t you check the post’s tags? :wink:


homer d'oh


I got that reference!


The snake and other medicinal “wines” are distilled booze infused with dead animals. You drink the liquor. But don’t consumer the animal/parts. Generally. It seems a common enough bar bet/trick the American thing to get some one to eat the critter from what I’ve been told. And the over all effect is supposed to be medicinal. TCM’s answer to Viagra. It’s for boners.

There’s no connection between that and drinking a beer full of live fish. This guy is basically pulling a party trick. One I’ve seen more than a few white American frat boys pull with a 40 of hurricane and some feeder goldfish.


Pitchman: "…and after doing it a couple of times, it gets to be QUITE A RUSH! "
(a quality that Bass-o-matic shares with any number of seemingly unlikely things to do, eat, drink, drop, snort, shoot, or rub into your belly) :wink:
Spokesmodel: “Mmmmm! That’s good bass!”


“snakes can lie dormant in liquor for months and even years.”



Hangover cure?