Snake wine drinker suffers bite


The snake survived the pickling process? This story smells like something that came from a Chinese equivalent of the Weekly World News.


Most people who like their booze to have a bite just go with cheap whiskey.

That’s what I was thinking. But maybe she’s like my grandpa and likes to make her own…of course his homemade “wine” was more like sour fermented grapes and at worse it would just give you a case of the heaves.

How can you say that? A story about a snake that’s been dead and pickled for more than two months suddenly being magically resurrected sounds totally reasonable to me. Totally.

She got bit by a drunk, pickled cobra? What else has she been taking for her “rheumatism”? Snake oil?

I bought a big bottle of three snake and red spotted lizard wine in Beijing once. It leaked in my luggage on the way home and took forever to get the smell out.

Shutup shutup shutup! If it’s on BoingBoing it must be true! Nanananana I can’t hear you!

Snake wine is made with rice, not grapes. Never confuse baiputaojiu (lit. white grape alcohol) with baijiu (lit. white alcohol). Never mix baijiu with anything - you can tell it’s there at any concentration and can’t get the taste out. Not all baijiu or shejiu (snake wine) is terrible, but I’ve never been that happy to have tried it.

@Cowicide snake wine and snake oil are used for joint pain, while snake gallbladder is used for your eyesight or as an expectorant. Snake oil is supposed to be rubbed into your joints to relieve pain. I once had bronchitis and was given small glass bottles with snake gallbladder to drink a few times a day. (I wasn’t actually expecting to be able to read the name of the medicine, but then I saw the character for snake and found out what it actually was).

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I normally don’t like dry, pedantic responses to a joke… but when I do, it involves drinking snake gallbladders.

Stay thirsty, my friend.


I drank snake snake sake in Japan. I’m pretty sure it caused brain damage. You probably shouldn’t drink it ever, and certainly not every weekend.

At least the Chinese don’t think eating albino people will increase their vitality. Then again, they think eating grizzly bear testicles will make penis’s bigger and stamina virile. Good luck you billions.

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