Entire boas and iguanas found in Mexican bottles of mezcal

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Right. Because Mexico is just aces at regulatory enforcement.


There’s a lot of blame to go around on this issue.

How you think you look:



I would not have found them, until I swallowed them.

do not drink that worm

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Back in the 80’s is was scorpions, tarantulas, and rattlers you’d find in the bottles at roadside stalls


Although some adventurous drinkers dare to swallow the worm, these larger critters would require a lot of chewing before swallowing.

I’m generally not squeamish about much of anything, but that sentence nearly made me gag. Well done. Seriously,

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Well, from the wonderful Helios brewpub in Naha, Okinawa, I give you - habu liqueur!

Yes, that’s whole venomous snakes (habu) pickled in the local grog:

And at the Nanto brewery in Okinawa World, a whole vat of the beasties:

(I stuck to the very nice beers that Okinawa Sango Beer produce :beers: )

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Crawling into a bottle of mezcal is never the answer.

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I want mine with gila monster. Like, a bonsai gila monster grown in the bottle for a year.

Don’t trust those crazies from the Ryukyus…

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