Man covers his face in giant bugs for fun

Originally published at: Man covers his face in giant bugs for fun | Boing Boing

Sure. Why not.


Season 8 Agree GIF by One Chicago

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Yup. As the household’s resident bug-picker upper and evictor, they don’t bother me.

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Do you differentiate between insects and arachnids?


They provide a different level of threat to those that are exercised about creepy crawlies, it seems, but personally, I ain’t cared. Pick it up, say hello to it, put it outside.


Six legs and no more, I could do it I suppose, I just see no reason to do so. You drag spiders into it and there is no way in hell.

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I mean, not just for fun. Bug face here has almost 700k+ youtube followers, which means you can safely add money and education to the likely outcomes / motivators.

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