Man destroys Arkansas' Ten Commandments monument


Please let me buy this man a beer!


Thank you for writing that out.
My response would have been less coherent.


It being brand new instead of being thousand plus years old makes all the difference.


I really do adore that statue.


I feel like you should be posting more


I hear that atheism kept you warm for the rest of the live during the Middle Ages.

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I can’t think of a better response to that narrative than to run it over with a car. They’re trying to make a statement that this is a Christian country, and instead of engaging with that as a threat to our most cherished freedoms, he engaged with it as slab of rock that he could easily knock over with his fuel efficient compact. It’s akin to the famous Nazi punch and the sousaphone guy at the KKK march, exposing one’s opponent as a paper tiger even as he’s attempting to project power.


That poor hunk of stone. It’s always taken for granite.


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I never really enjoyed the nazi punch. Assaulting someone just because you disagree with their views (regardless of how ridiculous their views are) is not an acceptable action.


You do realize he didn’t destroy the original tablets Moses carried down from the mountaintop, right?



I agree with you as a general principle, but in that specific instance it happened to take on special rhetorical value by hilariously disarming someone who was trying to elicit a fear response. To most people, that clip is now the only thing that Spencer is known for.

The problem with moments like these is that they arise spontaneously and cannot be reproduced—especially not by repetition. So, as a general rule, punching Nazis is counterproductive, but we happen to have one example of when it worked really well.


Eh, so what, they can still put the pieces in an arc of the covenant and call it a day.


Correction: the establishment of a state religion is explicitly prohibited by the constitution.


He defended the constitution through this act of civil disobedience.

He’s a patriot.


Your fallacy reminds me of this.

… The bottom level, number thirteen, contained an inescapable slide which took the players clear through ‘to China’, from whence they had to return via “Outdoor Adventure”. It was quite possible to journey downward by an insidious series of slanting passages which began on the second level, but the likelihood of following such a route unknowingly didn’t become too great until the seventh or eighth level… 1


Insufficient data for definitive conclusion. Subject warrants further study. To the laboratory!


Only if someone carries it to Axum.