Man gets life in prison for selling $20 worth of weed

I don’t think it’s permitted to sentence Americans to penal labor, although it’s okay to require prisoners to work. The line in the original article about “hard labor” was not supported by any quotes or anything at all - I suspect it’s hyperbole.

We need to get as many people as we can, all bring $20 worth of weed to the Shreveport PD and demand to all be arrested and given the same sentence. If a few thousand folks did this, it would easily make national headlines, and perhaps the public is now wise enough to see the futility of the War On Drugs which would ideally effect change. If not, there is no way they would lock everyone up…


“This is Obamacare for the courtroom,” says Gill. “We’re telling every judge what to do and using one solution for every crime: prison.”

really, now?


Don’t forget, the tax payer will pay $100k a year for this guy to not be in prison but to be working a menial job. The owner of the prison can use him instead of paying someone else to do that job. Find some business where the main cost is labour and it’s ALL profit for the prison owner. So that homeless guy dangerous drug dealer could be earning him $100k a year and the tax payer pays to house and feed him. He’s probably non violent and compliant, easy to control.

Just 100 inmates=$10m a year. $1m to the (elected) judge. $1m to the Cops…

How many prisoner are there on average in a US prison… some are probably grossing hundreds of millions a year…

Easy to understand why so many black americans are in prison the private prison sector is booming…


Yet it was perfectly OK when Regan did it…

I’m sorry, I’m not sure how the analogy applies.

I think pedantic is more accurate.

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May it ever be so.

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