Man has lived alone in Colorado ghost town for 40 years


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My new email signature quote: If you're gonna fall, sit. It's a lot easier to fall on your butt than your face."


If I could get Internet and had easy access to a local town for supplies and getting email, I would do it.


We already have that. It's called the suburbs.


He may be the only full-time resident. There is quite an active research community there during the non-winter seasons.


I often think about how much of my life is just "time passing by". . . .


No. The suburbs are a special kind of padded cell.


still too many people. I like people, just can't handle them all the time.


I wonder how long I could take with zero human contact. I hate crowds (especially if they aren't all doing the same thing -- like watching a football game). I like quiet - but not necessarily constant solitude.


The Rocky Mountain Biological Laboratory is just 8 miles from the town of Crested Butte CO. He's still reasonably close to civilization.


His opening line about the winter and sitting with a book and cup of tea is a pretty good sounding thing.


Always nice to read about Happy Mutants in the world.


It appears that is similar to what he currently has. When they said "ghost town" I was assuming dilapidated shack and no residents, but he has a pretty nice house, watches Bollywood movies, and a nearby town for supplies.


Yep. In fact my wife did a summer program there year before last: it's actually teaming with people. I'm not even sure that it's always true that he's alone in the winters, and it's just a good hike/snowshoe to the nearest town. And lastly, yes, they do have internet.

What's exciting isn't that he's some weirdo hermit in the middle of nowhere being all self-satisfied about middle of nowhereing and being a hermit, it's that he's dedicated his life to collecting amazing scientific data about a remarkable place.


I did see on Google Maps that there is a ski resort nearby. If the town is close to that, then I wouldn't want to live there.


Crested Butte is a beautiful town and one of the last examples of a true, unspoiled mountain town. It’s a box canyon with just one road in and out so you really have to ‘want’ to go there. Although the richies have found it and are turning it into another Aspen. It has a great ski mountain if you’re willing to venture that far. Summer is fantastic with idyllic meadows and elk wading in nearby streams. I used to go winter camping around that area in my younger days.

They recently closed the ski resort due to “too much snow” - 47 inches fell last week alone with more to come. It’s measured in feet rather than inches there. Last reports I saw had the area with 15 feet of snow on the ground.

8 miles can be the same as a million when the roads are buried under 4 feet of snow. The county does not plow and you’re not getting anywhere without a snowmobile. Not uncommon to go weeks without seeing a single other soul.


The ski town is apparently pretty obnoxious, but the ski valleys are far enough away that it isn't an issue for the people at RMBL. In the summers it's a major hiking/camping destination, though: people actually hike to Aspen from there.


Impressive, but these guys win the "hard core living in the frozen wild" award.


I've been a fan of this movie for a long, long time.


Hey, pretty sure I've seen that or one very very similar!