Man has marble addiction

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We should all be so lucky. I very much doubt I’ll still have all my marbles when I’m in my 70s.


I love the added layer of Germanic cleanliness and order put on a happy DIY obsession like this.


Wait wait wait.

A German has an oddball hobby that requires the detailed keeping of records?


Marble collecting really is serious business. My spouse knew a couple who got into it when they found a bunch of old marbles under a house they’d moved into. It quickly became an addiction and while it may not have been the book they did write a book about marble collecting after they’d quit their day jobs and become full time professional collectors.

They probably look at what he does with his marbles and cringe.


The record-keeping is certainly a way to find out when he starts losing his marbles…

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Although the clip indeed uses a language from the germanic family, the language in question is Dutch, not German.

Ah, that’s lazy of me.
My bad.

He glues paper to marbles and then measures how well they roll? Madness.


We have a couple of collectors in the family. It’s always awkward when they get up in years and start looking for someone to pass along their prizes to. It’s very hard to say no while they’re alive, but you just don’t want to display or store their crap either.

Do i really want to be “that guy”? O, hell, why not :smile: It’s Flemish ( Belgian Dutch)


You might even say he has a touch of Marble Madness.

What a lovely marble wry.

1500 marbles over 60 years? That’s barely more than two a month. Dillettante.

Anyone else suspect that there is some mental affliction happening here? He’s beyond obsessed; this isn’t a mere fascination. He spends 8 hours a DAY just running marbles down the alley, cataloging (including naming them), and timing them. His wife (sister? mother? roommate?) seems “regretful” and a bit over how much time he spends on this hobby. I’m probably reading too much into the video and I shouldn’t make assumptions - but the whole thing didn’t really have a “happy” feeling for me…

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