Man imitates xylophone

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Much as I would like to offer a direct comment here, words fail me…


This is truely a wonderful thing!

I also like the pronounciation of “ZIL-ah-phone.”

I’ve entertained friends with my hands before, but I usually don’t do it in the backyard. My neighbors are such prudes.


Pretty cool, but I wish they would have not ended it where they did. My guess is that the period narration that was starting would have been just as wonderful as the content proper.


“About five years ago, I was in my back yard entertaining a friend with my hands.”

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Then, narrator ends with:

A remarkably prescient observation, if my observations of modern trends in the replace-hands-as-instruments-of-entertainment industry are anything to go by. This is not a criticism, necessarily, but I do feel that we risk something by encouraging idle hands. The potential for mischief is enormous, although some of the more obvious abuses are really beyond the scope of this reply.

Funny, I came here just to see how little people would be able to comment about this…thing.

It’s a Zillow-phone. When you get done playing, it sues you.

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