Man learns life lesson: Don't remove sweatshirt while on a treadmill


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Graceful, it was not.


He nailed the landing :smiley:


No pain no gain.


I feel a certain dance coming on…


I pulled this same move a few years ago, except my treadmill was up against a wall and lacked an emergency shutoff. So I fell and was pinned against the back wall with a shirt over my head while the treadmill continued to whir under me gradually sanding, sanding, sanding my skin to a glossy finish. I had a graphic, terrifying vision of what the medical examiner would face the next morning before regaining my bearings and rolling off the belt.


Good grief, just wear the goddam safety cord people. While taking off your sweater while running on a treadmill is inadvisable, I’ve seen other people bail spectacularly doing less.

Also, this is an opportunity to link to a fantastic video:


:heart_eyes: Thanks for posting that–I had only seen a brief clip of that before. That really is super!
Some of that gliding makes me wish I hadn’t sold my ice skates.


Us Bills fans just can’t catch a break…


I’ve been getting in to OK GO by way of their videos
Some really fun effects and ideas.

White Knuckles - fun and goofy, lots of puppers!
The Writing’s On the Wall - listen and watch this one for some clever camera work (2:40-2:50)
This Too Shall Pass - nice marching band ya got there…
The One Moment - lots of math in this one (see making of)
I’m Not Through - somethings wrong with my green screen, I think?
Obsession - man that is a lot of printers!
Upside Down & Inside Out - zero G and I feel fine (glorious)
Needing/Getting - making music with a car and a whole lot of junk
I Won`t Let You Down - fun synchronized everything


Thanks! I’ll check out more of them. :smiley: