Ouch! This man tries to take off his hoodie while running on a treadmill, and it ain't pretty


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I got just the lawyer for this guy



does he… have one of those smart suitcases that tracks distance or something? I can’t even…


He has frequent connection flights with a short time window and wants to be ready?


I don’t know much about the luggage runner.

I saw it the other day on reddit and I thought it went well with the original post.


I’m reminded of some friends who prepared for a Himalayan expedition by hitting the gym in full mountaineering gear (including 30kg rucksacks).


Tricky dog, that Astro.


WTF is that torso thing behind him?


A boxing/martial arts practice dummy. One of them features prominently in the series Elementary, with Sherlock using it to practice stick fighting.


I have to say, you really impressed her, treadmill dude. Enough that she almost stopped to help.


Next time you’re on a treadmill, close your eyes and try to stay right in the middle. It’s almost impossible.




Man, Bills fans can’t catch any breaks.


People injuring themselves (especially while trying to improve themselves) is always funny. They deserve our derision, as we sit at our desks.


I guarantee that that woman would be more impressed if he did it again.


It’s even better on stairs.


At least twice more might get him a pity date. :wink:


I notice his routine includes reverse-grip curling his carry-on to check the time.