Man lights up marijuana joint in court, judge oddly not amused

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Spencer Alan Boston, 20,

Not all heroes wear capes.


Reboing. @xeni

Yeah but he was a gentleman then. It has since been found that he failed to pass the joint.


I have great respect for someone who stands by their principles even if they will suffer for it.

But when it comes to picking his battles I feel like this guy could have aimed a bit, well, higher.


Not sure if dumb criminals counts here. The first half dozen times this showed up it seemed like this was done in protest of cannabis laws.

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He was trying but the judge was trying harder.

It could be worse

The US equivalent would be lighting up in a meeting with the Attorney General.

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Was he there with his pet Great Dane, and did they scarf a box of dog treats proffered by a orange sweatered, blind as a bat, brunette afterwards?

reads more like young and an act of civil disobedience rather than dumb.
but he’s from Tennessee, so that’s just automatically dumb to someone from California, right?

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