Man loves bear, and bear loves man right back. For now


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Little known fact: Bears name humans like we name cats and dogs.
This man’s name: Lunch.




‘Bear plays with food’


“Phil Connors? Phil Connors, I thought that was you!”


#NAtional Man-Bear Love Association


There’s an organization I can get behind with no moral compunction.



He’s saying bear in that scene?

If so, that scene makes more sense to me than it ever did before.




Them claws, though.

It wouldn’t take much motivation for that bear to completely wreck that guy’s day.


What about Breakfast, Snacks, and Dinner?


Sometimes, you get cheese just that colour


The wisdom of Sam Elliot’s voice knows no bounds.

I mean, Sam Elliot could be a complete moron, but as long as he has that voice saying things, I’ll follow him to the depths of hell.


Did you catch the final season of Justified?

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