Man on forklift prevents keg of beer from hitting the ground


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Real heroes don’t wear capes


It’s an empty.


That or Superman got a new day job.


he seems pleased with himself.


Definitely empty, all of them. They were all bouncing and shaking when jostled slightly, a full keg would have too much inertia.


Of course its empty: empty weighs 30lb, full weighs 160lb.


Maybe it’s lite beer.


no slosh, otherwise he’d have been pulled from his seat


I half expected to see a frat member rocket on up, snag the keg, then speed off.


Empty or not - a true Hero, a man of the hour, or just testosterone induced male instinct…:slight_smile:


Made me cry. Happiness.


Here’s a man who earned his pint.

I know an Irish brand that could make him its latest poster boy.


@Papasan is crying now. It’s beer! Too weepy to post.


Came for lite beer joke, left happy!


I was right!


This was likely empty, full kegs are really unlikely to topple off a pallet in that particular way. Just from sheer weight. And they’re always shrink wrapped once they’re palleted, And get palleted up in 2 layers of 9 without pallets between they layers. They will however jostle around like that on uneven ground. And can topple over (hence the shrink wrap).

But you’d be pretty shocked at a lot of the stuff people do when moving kegs around. A lot of it looks like it’d hurt you pretty bad, And it can if you do it wrong. The big thing is letting the weight of the keg do the job. You don’t try to hold it up, slow it, or lift it. You just keep your hand on it to control it while it falls, or once it hits. These things bounce pretty aggressively, And that’s often more dangerous than the fall itself. Common practice for getting a keg off a stack of pallets (5 pallets, each 2 kegs tall) is to roll or toss the keg off the top of the stack. Onto a tire.

The tire can keep the keg from getting dented (which is hard). But it’s more there to keep the concrete floor from chipping and keep bouncing minimal. If the keg misses the tire it can bounce 5 or 10 feet in the air and take out god knows what.


Back in the day I would have gone so far as to leap off a building and cushion the keg’s landing. Today, eh, not so much.


Gee lite beer generally makes me cry, but not those happy tears.


Sounds like fun! Wanna start a league?