Man on horseback mocks fellow Britons panic-buying gasoline

A Trucking Crisis Has the U.S. Looking for More Drivers Abroad - Bloomberg.pdf (190.3 KB)

Am I going to believe a two month old report; or my own eyes?

We’re just not seeing the level of disruptions that the U.K. is. And we had the same pandemic. There’s one difference.


Sounds like this gentleman is…

Horsin’ Around!!


And that is how we ended up in this mess – by dismissing warnings handed out by a professional trade body.

The distinctively un-Tory reaction – pay your drivers a decent salary and give them adequate and sanitary facilities – is a new thing, that is causing Sir Tufton-Bufton to splutter on his toast.


Are you agreeing with KathyPartdeux, or arguing that she’s wrong?


The warnings in the UK went unheeded, partly because there were no obvious immediate issues and partly because it was easier and cheaper to do nothing. Then Brexit came and worsened conditions, then the pandemic came and exacerbated conditions. And now the chickens are roosting.

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The warnings in the UK weren’t just from “professional trade bod[ies]”, they were from pretty much everyone who had half a brain and thought about it for more than ten seconds. There were obvious issues, and it turned out that the doomsayers have been bang on the money so far, and that everything said by the Leave grifters has been a flat-out lie (I know, try to look surprised).

And, of course, many of the Leave grifters are now Her Majesty’s Government, so they are stacking lies upon lies to make it seem like the problem is anything other than what everyone said it would be when that massive coward called a referendum instead of taking the responsibility of saying either yes or no, and in trying to avoid being tied to this mess, laid himself in the history books as the man who made it possible.


You are missing the point. The RHA warnings started before Brexit was even mooted – they continued to be ignored (despite the continued warnings issued) during the Brexit campaign by the less-than-half-a-brain-leavers – and post-Brexit (Feb 2020) there was the slow down in the demand for fuel because who was going out except key workers. Until we reach the current situation where we are encouraged to go to work and can visit family and cannot find fuel.


What I’m arguing is that looking at the differences in the supply chain between the US and the UK - it’s clear that we’re not seeing the disruptions the UK is seeing right now. Nor does the rest of Europe seem to be in that boat.

The one thing that explains that is Brexit. Will the pandemic effect other countries if it continues? Sure. Will it continue? I certainly hope not. But would the UK be having the problems it is right now without Brexit? Highly implausible.

Now the US? This is shit we’re denying and that we have to deal with that we own:


Clarified, as there’s now a definite push from the right to pretend that Brexit was something akin to an act of nature that “just happened”.


20,000 EU-based HGV drivers left the UK as a direct result of Brexit.
The UK is short of up to 100,000 HGV drivers.
Both figures from RHA.
The problems would exist without Brexit, they may not be as severe but they would still exist.

Neither does NI. Which is in the UK, but still in the EU common market.

It’s pretty bonkers to keep labelling shit “not Brexit” when these things just aren’t problems in Northern Ireland.


Do you mean America? Because I’ve been to London and the streets seemed pretty narrow, cars are a relatively recent invention and they could just ban them and make everyone ride those electric scooters, but the queen seems to mostly use her vast powers to make sure Prince Andrew can hang out with a string of Epstein guys

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I mean most any modern urban landscape where cars are the primary mode of transportation. Even in cities that were built before cars existed roads, highways, parking structures and lots take up a pretty significant portion of the landscape. Yes, even in London.


Fair point, but to be clear the USA excels at it much better than the English :wink:

Oh that’s brilliant thank you!
I wonder which tune is older - this, or Sloop John B?

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