Man painted own road signs to get to work faster

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"I thought changing the signs would make my commute smoother."

The miracle here is that he wasn’t shot for his crime.

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There are already two straight lanes going into a two lane road. If he made that turn lane a straight lane too, then the three lanes would have to merge into two within the intersection. That would be gross stupidity, stupidity on the level of whomever re-striped the Golden Gate Bridge south-bound lanes back when they put in the median barrier.


Though if he also blacked out the straight arrow in the far right lane, that would definitely be an improvement. Instead of both lanes having to shift over in the intersection, they could flow straight across. In North America, I could see combining the left turn lane and the leftmost straight ahead lane as a problem, due to delays behind vehicles turning left. But I’ve seen traffic in China, and there is no delay when a vehicle turns left. They just go for it and fit in the interstices like a photon through molecules of moving water…


I know someone who made a no-parking zone where it was needed by painting a curb red, but this is a higher chutzpah act.


I say kudos. You have no idea how many times I’ve fantasized projects like this. But actually get out of bed at 3AM? Not gonna happen.


$125 fine? Worth it.


Nothing new under the Sun,


A real go getter. He should be promoted


Don’t hate the commuter, hate the (traffic) system.


I welded and installed my own steel-plate street sign because I was fed up with the stoner kids stealing the official one:

The city still maintains their own REDBUD sign, which of course is stolen every month or so.


Similar to wondering why your friend has all these traffic signs on the walls of their rec room.

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Here in Nelson, BC, they have to use special bolts on the High St. signs.

In Colorado they changed the mile marker 420 to 419.99 because it was stolen so often.

That wasn’t the only one they changed…


I grew up in Sandwich. This story, SO often…
“Where’s Sandwich?”
“Next to Ham.”
“No way!”


Was this guy at it back in 2003? That’s when I took this (to me) terrifying picture in Guangzhou:

I had to step into a fairly busy street (this picture doesn’t show that because I was waiting for such a gap) with my back to oncoming traffic to get that. China’s traffic is the scariest I’ve been in (haven’t been to India, but I’ve been in NYC traffic, Boston traffic, Houston traffic, and crossed streets in Rome), and never saw an accident, a fender bender, or a near miss. In Guangzhou, it’s illegal to honk your horn, but I don’t remember hearing a horn anywhere in China.

I live in a major city in the southwest of China, and I see accidents or their remains every week, sometimes multiple crashes in a day; and the use of the horn is constant. Drivers here tend to go slow, as anyone could do literally anything at any time, which tends to mitigate the damage done somewhat. But late at night when people have been drinking till they’re half-blind, or when they’re racing across the countryside to get back to the city and someone decides to stop in the road for a toilet break or a nap - that’s when things get scary.


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