Man shows the metamorphosis of his pet hercules beetle





I prefer the El Reg units myself.
So, 0.8164 Linguine, 0.0238 Jub.


The powers that be want us to start eating grubs and bugs. I’ll try just about anything once but the first time somebody tries to get me to eat a cockroach Ima eat homemade Soylent Green I made right then.


When they’re young and plump like that - they make good eatin’.


You’re not made of wood, are you? Then this little herbivore presents no threat. Cats on the other hand…don’t get me started on the sickening evil bird killing bastards. One just killed a baby bird on the lawn in full view of my wife and I now have to research electric fences. No, you can’t have it mains powered. But I digress. I like big beetles.


You should really link to the original creator’s video. He deserves the views, not this guy who just put some music over it.


Does it open bottles?


Are we still doing Unicorn Chasers? Because… some people may need one after watching that.


It opens kegs.


I have no unicorns, but I do have a XL fluffball, with a little bit of tongue, for you.

Edit, because the photo wasn’t showing properly.


Wasn’t that grub in Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan?


See NASA/JPL re failure of the Mars Climate Orbiter mission.


alien covenant, in theaters this friday



no judgements here. it looks like good eating to me as well. my qualifier is “i lived in central australia”. next time you’re in town lets catch a bite together.


Always thought of those as Space Ant Lions.


It amazes me we havent seen this grub in more movies. Slap a little food safe dye on the skin, give it a bit different complexion, and there’s a far better alien than a lot of the foam rubber messes Ive seen over the years! Why should hissing cockroaches get all the glory?


Fatty grubs like that taste great grilled, way better than grasshoppers. (The ones I’ve had were a lot smaller than that, though.)


Next: man shows how to sew a human skin dress.


I want to kiss that grub it looks cute