Man sued for defamation over a missing apostrophe in a Facebook post

Really it’s the sign painters who are at fault, not the grocers. Or the print shop employees these days.

All of this is somewhat undermined by my phone, which will always autocorrect “its” to “it’s”. It is somewhat aggravating.

Sign painters (and print shop employees) take their copy from the client, they might make suggestions if they notice an error, but the ultimate responsibility is always with the client. The rule is use what the client provided.
I have lost count of the number of times I have had to point out errors, even after the copy has been passed by an editor.

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What @timd said, plus greengrocers in the market, and in their shops, tend to chalk up their own signs.

I’m surprised subsequent discussion hasn’t brought up the sticky issue of possessives for words or names that (in singular form!) end in ‘s’.

Varying standards abound here. Mary Norris’s Thoughts on Pesky Possessives | The New Yorker

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As it’s one of those, “there are no ‘wrong’ answers, only differences of opinion,” it seems to fall into a different discussion… until someone references “Achille’s heel.”

þe olde

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