Man sues date for texting in movie theater


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Texting during the movie is bad form. Suing your date for texting during a movie is BAD FORM in all-caps.


Brandon Vezmar from Texas

I stopped right there. Texas Man is a thing.


Yeah i don’t know what to make of this guy’s behavior. Calling someone out on their shitty theater manners would be where the story should’ve ended but going as far as suing for $18 is petty and vindictive.


So, “There may also be costs of collecting any judgment that you may receive from the small claims court if the defendant does not pay willingly. Filing Fees: Currently, filing fees are generally $30 for suits up to $1,500, $50 for up to $5,000 and $75 up to $10,000.” -SmallClaims-Q&A Good luck with that dude…

She was probably texting her GF to tell her that he made her pay for her own parking, ticket, popcorn and drink because that’s the kinda guy he sounds to be.

I think texting would be more acceptable in theaters if there was a dark mode so that the phone screens didn’t illuminate the theater. I haven’t been to a theater in a long time for reasons as this and the endless commercials, high prices, and people with tall hair. All pet peeves of mine.


And expensive. If he’s suing in Travis County, the filing fee is $101.

If she hires an attorney and she wins, he could also be on the hook for attorneys fees. Personally, I’m kind of looking forward to seeing what a JP does when they get this on their docket.


Wow, They are both keepers. /s


This is exactly the kind of case that should be on a TV Court show instead of in regular court.


YES. I would love to see Judge Judy take this on.


Theater texting in the “Magnited States of America”

From the Alamo Draft House in Austin, Tx (NSFW Language)



Oh shit, i just had a realization. I may have been at that very same theater this happened at. I went to see the movie on a Saturday (i think) when it came out, went to the Alamo Drafthouse at Mueller. I while watching Guardians of the Galaxy 2 i specifically recall someone constantly checking their phone throughout the movie. I sort of recall it being a woman but i didn’t see if she was with anyone.


I’m surprised people still text in the Drafthouse after this went viral:

That was several years ago now. Have the people become emboldened, or do the staff just not care anymore?


This is still a thing?


I go to that theater for that exact reason.


Did this happen at an Alamo? Because they are serious about that no texting thing.


I wonder who suggested the movie? GotG II doesn’t seem like a first date movie unless both people wanted to see it.

(Says me, who picked They Live!)


I wish there was an Alamo Drafthouse near where I live.


The article does not specify the theater but if it’s in Austin my best bet would be Alamo Drafthouse. However i paid 12-13 bucks for my ticket to see the movie in 2D, article says the ticket price was closer to 18 bucks so i don’t know.

And yes Alamo is pretty strict about texting but at least at the theater i was at no one did anything about it and i was quite annoyed.


Most of the theaters around Austin have a no texting policy.
You should have written a note, the Alamo manager would have taken care of it.