Man takes pleasure filming cars being damaged by a large rock placed in driveway

Exactly. People like to be self righteous about it being his property, but like it or not you do not have ultimate omnipotent dominion over your property. The law acknowledges that we live in a society and we all have to give and take a little.

The famous precedent for this in the US is Katko v. Briney, wherein a man rigged a spring loaded shotgun to defend his property. A thief got his leg blown off by that gun and the law came down hard on the side of the thief.

As @danimagoo says, you just can’t do shit like this. “Mah propertah” is not a license to damage others’ property or hurt people no matter what they are doing that you don’t like.


Um… it’s a rock.

If you can’t see a rock THAT BIG when driving someone’s private property (ahem), you should not be driving a motor vehicle. It is not like someone artistically camouflaged it with paint to blend in with the brickwork. it is a ROCK.


This gentleman puts an intriguing new spin on an oppressive mantra, “Get off my lawn.”

Can confirm Katko v. Briney is a staple in tort law classes in law schools all across the country. We studied it in mine.


Regardless of how justified, unjustified or mean-spirited his motives are, this hardly seems as dastardly as it’s made out to be. The rock is huge, obvious and not even in that weird a spot. If people are hitting that thing, no doubt they must be hitting many, many similar rocks in other places that aren’t deliberately placed as traps.


His lawyer should know that a smaller rock increases the chance of a car plowing into his house and injuring or killing him. Your right to drive your car doesn’t extend to my living room.


Not sure how driving a car over a driveway damages the driveway which was built for cars to drive over, thus justifying damaging the cars driving over the driveway by putting a rock there.

Anyway it obviously didn’t work because lots of cars keep driving over it, even after putting all the videos on YouTube.

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If only it were.

That’s certainly true and given the difference in material between the two drives, I wouldn’t have huge confidence in the outcome.

Depending on your location, you can of course just shoot them instead. That’s fine./s


In uk you own what you own, and the pavement is owned by the state, and is every where, As we like to walk places, Where the rock is his, land and he can put what he wants there.

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This is not strictly true. As in the US, booby traps are illegal in the UK.

Synopsis of Rule of Law. No man can do indirectly that which he is forbidden to do directly.

Ergo, you can’t go around placing large rocks in places with the express intent of damaging peoples’ cars, regardless of who owns the land under said rock.

It would likely be up to a court to decide whether this rock constitutes a trap or a makeshift bollard. I think others in this thread have commented on that sufficiently already so no need for me to add my two pence to the pile on that specific detail.


But is it booby trap, or is it just a predictable event that keeps happening? What if he placed the rock, and then noticed people kept hitting it and then placed the cam to prove they were trespassing and cover him self, for people chossing to drive over it with out looking?


Hence “up to the courts to decide”.

I don’t think it’s clear from these videos whether the rock is sized to entrap cars or is large enough for people to see and avoid.


I mean, the lawyer =/= physicist.
But the rocks are still sufficiently large enough to stop most cars, from the look of 'em.

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Adding to that, these cars are hitting on the passenger side, so even less visibility

BTW from looking at this guys channel, are we certain the homeowner put the rock there? If he did I’m sure there were less-destructive options available


Yes, the county has roughly a 12’ easement for utility access into my yard from the bottom of my driveway. They can come in and tear up anything they need to, in fact AT&T did a little yard damage when then upgraded their service to fiber. At the same time, they did put down grass seed and straw to try and fix it.

Can I block my drive way inside that 12’, really I’m not sure. This scenario isn’t about utilities and service though. It’s about other drivers using his property. I have a similar issue with delivery drivers. The USPS mail trucks love to roll all the way up my driveway to leave packages by the side door. It wouldn’t be an issue if they then didn’t do 3 point turns and run out into my yard. A lot of the UPS and FedEx trucks pull into my driveway (we live in a neighborhood, so no serious issue in stopping at the street) and like to cut the corner. Over time this has broken the drain culvert at the edge of the driveway and has caused it to separate. After a massive hole formed beside the drive I left it for a year or so until I had time to fix it. If a delivery truck was damaged from missing the driveway and falling into the ditch I fail to see how that is my issue. Do people sue cities when they hit the curb? Why is this any different?

I thought maybe he was being really malicious and painting it to be “hidden” and blending it in. But no, people just aren’t paying attention and running all up on it. I suspect these same people don’t do well with curbs.

This. In my scenario, if I drove a 8" gutter nail upright beside my drive where the delivery guys like to cut the corner to “teach them a lesson” sure I’m 100% at fault. If they fall into the slightly closer ditch because they can’t drive their large vehicle…well maybe don’t pull in?

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It seems like putting the rock back is more trouble than people driving up on your curb.


We live on a very narrow street, not enough room for 2 vehicles to pass. I have very large rocks at the edge of my property to prevent people from driving on my lawn.

Courtesy is no longer a thing. If you turn onto our street just wait at at the corner for any vehicle in the road to clear the road, nope, driving on your neighbor’s lawn is acceptable so a lot of us have decorative ways to prevent that.
Our street is only 11’ wide so 3 point turn around are impossible. I have no problem with delivery vehicles turning around in my driveway.

Other neighbors refuse to allow drivers in their drives even trucks that are delivering to thier house.

Seems like the rock in the video is doing more damage being pushed into the pavers then a vehicle just driving on it.

I would put a substantial but flexible bollard so a vehicle could see it and would know if they hit but not damage their vehicle.

But those types of bollards ain’t cheap. I bought a couple orange cones and filled the base with sand and stuck a tall reflector in it to keep people off a section of lawn that I need access to. Easy to move if I need to get a vehicle in there.

There are solutions that send a message without creating YouTube content.

Our rocks look really pretty once we get the flowers in in a month or so but the tulips should be popping up any day now.


If they don’t notice a big blue rock, I’m not confident they’d notice a fence post or bollard.


So having one wheel of a car drive over the bare margin on your property for one second justified causing real damage to someone else’s property?


This is a bit insane.
Suppose for a moment, he built a fence, waist height, along his property border, out of wooden pickets.
Would anyone be alarmed?

Now, suppose people keep driving into that fence and damaging it, and he’s grumpy, but puts it on youtube like some kind of… 11 foot 8 inch bridge.
Non issue much?