Man took skin from hospital. It's still missing




I’ll let someone else go for the inevitable “Buffalo Bill from Silence of the Lambs” post. That fruit is too low-hanging for me.


He’s a sales person for that product, so my guess is that he’s diverting it to another customer.


I realize there’s a very good, very detailed analysis out there somewhere, but I inevitably think, how do they determine the value of skin? I realize hospitals have a method for coming up with the price of organs, but it always intrigues me.


It puts the lotion-- do’h!


$357,000 worth of skin? How much is that by the yard?


Have they checked his forehead?


Delaware County is not in Delaware, Rob. The Delaware River runs through quite a few states.

This guy is Pennsylvanian.

I know a guy with a very similar name, but it’s not the same guy. Whew.


He’s probably got skin in the game.


I donated my father’s tissues after he passed away a few years ago. After hearing about this investigation by NPR and the Center for Public Integrity, I would not make the same decision again.


What a multiple layered skinned bastard!


Or he’s a really big Dylan Thomas fan.


“Hey, man, gimme some skin!”



I don’t see the problem. If I’m dead, what do I care what my body parts are being used for?


I don’t get the relevance of the animation?


Treating burn victims is one thing. Elective cosmetic surgeries is another. It’s a lightly regulated industry with large profits that doesn’t always represent what they could be doing with the recovered tissue.

For profit tissue banks turn human tissue from a gift into a commodity. It’s disrespectful to the deceased to profit any more than absolutely necessary from a donation. It’s not like there’s a shortage (as there are with internal organs).

Radiolab did similar feature on the (big) business of blood donations.

Please, do whatever you want with your body. I just don’t want to be a part of this industry as it is.


Preemptive John Wayne Gacy/Buffalo Bill reference?


OK, now I’m even more confused…


follow the thread and you will piece it together


I sew what you did there.