Nurses suspended for admiring dead man's genitals


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Men are pigs!
Wait, I’m confused.

Disrespect knows no bounds.


So the lesson here is Just don’t look at it.


Where do they publish the genders of the five nurses? I can’t find it.


Just look at it…


You’ve got that right!

It used to be SOP to allow medical students access to unconcious women’s genitals so they could practice pelvic exams. When the story came out a few years ago, no one was fired. Some hospitals still do it, claiming consent to surgery implies consent to exams.


Let’s see:

Five nurses gawked at the dead man’s genitals.
9.6% of nurses in the US are male.
5 X 0.096 = 0.48

That means there’s a reasonable chance that 4.52 of the nurses there were female. And that one of the nurses was a little less than half a man.



Like the junk though, can’t rule out a statistical fluke.


Of course; it’s possible that all the nurses were male.

On a slightly different note, I wonder if the nurses would have been treated more harshly if they had not admired – but ridiculed – the man’s genitals.


I was honestly just setting things up so I could make that joke. I knew the majority argument would be brought out. I didn’t expect the actual stats. I’m reasonably impressed.



They didn’t which is kind of interesting given that they did publish the fact that the nurses were specifically checking out his penis.
Any way you slice it, they obviously didn’t have a reason to ogle. But it also sounds like the hospital dealt with it appropriately.


creepy pervs would have been arrested elsewhere.


When I did my nursing clinical, there was a guy that came in from a motorcycle crash that had his penis tattooed with a snake. He had a catheter, and as word spread, so many nurses “checked” his catheter. He was a biker guy, like old school vietnam vet style biker, and started offering to let them check his snake. He seemed super pleased with the attention. I never got to see, because he was deemed too rough for student nurses to deal with.


It’s only kinky the first time.


Humans are curious, news at 11.

In other news, the dead man is still dead and incapable of giving a shit.


After looking at it, did one of them have a stroke?


Off-topic but you reminded me of an EMT friend who took a man to the hospital because his catheter had accidentally removed. The admitting nurse asked him, “What caused your catheter to be removed?” and the man loudly said, “Stuck it in the wrong hole.”

The nurse was able to keep a straight face but everyone else had to leave the room.


Gives a new meaning to:


And nowhere in the story does it say that the genitals were male genitals…