Nurses suspended for admiring dead man's genitals

“Multiple staff members viewed the victim while he was incapacitated, including after he was deceased,” a Denver Police report said


I’m not sure that’s very relevant, regardless; would the nurses in question be any less wrong if the genitals in question were female?


Pics or it didn't happen!

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It’s because of incidents like this that I always have my genital appreciation card up to date and on my person at all times.


. . . OMG. That is priceless.

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I feel people are missing an obvious issue here.
Were they “admiring” his penis or was there something abnormal, which they were observing?

“Admiring”: He had a 10 inch penis
Observing: His penis had been bisected by an injury or he had two penises.

My point is that while ogling a patient is clearly awful, I don’t know if I have quite as big a complaint if they were simply curious about a medical abnormality and got over-excited about showing it to other professionals.


No, but they all felt the touching consequences


I agree, the actual reason for their… inspection is relevant.

Were those the only types of exams performed on unconscious patients? Or were there other procedures unrelated to the actual cause of hospitalization taking place as well? (E.g. prostate exams?)

But other people do, for good reason.

I used to teach neuroanatomy, using real human brains. Well-run modern anatomy schools place a big emphasis on respecting donor bodies, for very good reasons.


Apart from respect and decorum issues, there are also very good practical reasons to maintain standards on this sort of thing. With medical/scientific standards of professionalism and ethics, you need to be strict. Let the small stuff slide, and it’s just a matter of time until the big stuff does as well.

And then you end up in a situation like this:

We’ve also had a few scandals at one of the main morgues in my neighbourhood. Stealing from bodies, snapping limbs for the sake of convenience, taking kickbacks from funeral companies, etc.


If this turns into a criminal case there’s no WAY that evidence is going to stand up in court.


Only pelvic exams, on unconcious women.


If so, that’s terribly shitty, in a particularly callous way.


LOL - your point?

Makes me go Owww! just thinking about doing that. (Sorry, couldn’t pass up the rude joke opportunity.)

Hey some men are growers. Some are showers. No shame in either.

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Agreed. I’m fairly certain happened to me as a teen when I had surgery at a large teaching hospital. I still feel sick about it.


You’re suggesting he may have been a pre-transitioned transman? Well, I suppose it’s as possible as it is irrelevant. The media usually fails to recognize living transpersons, but I guess it’s remotely possible they didn’t misgender a dead transman.

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Not sure I can get worked up about staring at the dead guys junk.

You could stand my body on it’s head in a corner and use it for an umbrella stand. I don’t care what you do to my body after I’m dead… Just one thing though. Please be really, really sure I’m dead first.


It’s a conspiracy. The hospital sold the genitals to the Smithsonian, where they’ll sit beside John Dillinger’s in a back-room display. Suspending the nurses was part of the … cover-up.