Again on my soap box

Continuing the discussion from Teen attack on park ranger makes top cop think of police brutality, for some reason:

NURSES are attacked every goddamned day. For some stupid reason when a violent individual magically becomes a “patient” a nurse is fair game for physical abuse.

Every nurse that you know has, at some time or other, been attacked physically. And verbally. And everywhere they work, they play it down as it’s bad press to call the police and arrest a patient for assault, but that’s EXACTLY what has occurred.

I HIT BACK, call the cops, not hospital security, and press charges. Sure, it causes a LOT of problems and for some god damned reason I’m the bad guy with management. But other nurses are waking up to the fact that cops can and will defend themselves and being a nurse puts you in a more dangerous situation than they have because nurses are unarmed.

There’s a hospital back east somewhere that’s now giving pepper spray training to nurses. How about that?

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