NYPD officer allegedly attacks MTA worker


Police officer beats woman to hospitalization: No charges were filed.
I’ll start working on the T-shirt immediately.

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So are there any stories out there where an off duty police officer DOESN’T respond with over the top violence to the shit we civilians have to put up with every day?


Before you get all uppity, remember that Mayor De Blasio said we need to stop protesting police violence.

“I think it’s a time for everyone to put aside political debates, put aside protests […]”

Don’t bother. This scenario seems inevitable enough that someone probably already made the t-shirt before it happened. At this point, a simple Random Police Violence Generator script would be sufficient for predicting all likely permutations of future headlines.

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No, he said wait until the two cops’ funerals were over. The second one is Sunday. But I wouldn’t expect anyone who protests injustice to wait any longer than the decades that have already passed.


Every time a c̶o̶p̶ man gets caught doing some evil shit, chances are he’s done it several other times without detection.


I hope this woman is ok, being an MTA transit worker has to be at least as dangerous as being a police officer. Perhaps this will wake the mighty TWU Local 100 to do battle against the PBA, Godzilla style. Though buildings may crumble, it may benefit us all in the long run.

From the TWU site:

The Police Officer who perpetrated this crime should have already been
arrested. Had the roles been reversed, our Conductor would have been
arrested on the spot. We will not allow this case to be swept under the


So, NYPD takes investigation seriously until they dicover the perp is a cop.

I would have loved to hear the rhetoric being delivered as this was discovered.

“This heinous crime is an affront to common decency and civility! We will not rest until… (PR cop whispers in his ear) …we can slap this ne’er-do-well on the wrist like he deserves.”


Just a bad apple … from Bad Apple Orchards, famous for Whine-sap apples and Bitter Hard-Ass Cider.


No need. It’s already been done, and unironically at that.


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Isn’t the cop who assaulted the MTA worker one of the cops who pushed the ninja dancer to the street? Specifically, the guy who was in the drivers seat in the van.

Looks very different to me. The guy who was in the driver’s seat looks to me like he has darker skin, and a rounder face.

Also the guy from the van has a shaved head (on Dec 24), and the guy from the subway has a close-cropped but not shaved hairstyle (on Dec 23). So, he could have gotten his head shaved on the evening of the 23rd, but it seems like a stretch.

All cops look the same.

Ah yes, where after they had already talked to him and determined that he wasn’t a threat (otherwise they would have arrested him) one of them decides to rough him up for shits and giggles, and the others don’t do anything about it. I haven’t heard the PD respond to this one yet. Maybe it’s time for some more protests. The violent one should be charged, and the others need to be fired for failing to arrest him on the spot.

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And if the positions were reversed, would no charges be the result?

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