Newark customs officers "hazed" new hires on a "rape table" in a locked room


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Nothing to see here. It’s just locker room behavior. All guys do it.


“were charged with forcibly assaulting, impeding, intimidating and interfering with two men identified as victims in the criminal complaint”

Did they say “no homo”?


Ooh, good catch! That’s going to be a very important part of the trial, I bet.


ground their genitals

This sounds like “ground genitals”, which is a different thing altogether.


My object all sublime
I shall achieve in time —
To let the punishment fit the crime —
The punishment fit the crime;


Things like this make me glad the worst that happens at my job is someone eats 3 of the donuts someone brought.


What the fuck is wrong with some people, seriously?


Also, what’s going on with an organisation whose culture is so dysfunctional that it attracts creeps like these.


For real.

What kind of person actually thinks holding someone down and humping their leg equates to “a joke?”




I think it’s pretty safe to say this only became a joke after it was reported.


As gross as this feels to admit, I thought this was going to be much worse.

Then again, how long were these people in power, and how many new hires and transfers didn’t report this kind of thing?




Oh, boys will be boys. Haven’t we all at some point wanted to do something like this with our co-workers?

(Oh wait, Silly me! I forgot the answer is always no. Seriously? How does this idea even occur to somebody?)


I believe that goes well in fondue but is mostly used for homeopathic cures.


And Chinese folk medicine.


This story is a good reminder that sexual assault is about asserting power, not about how sexily the victim is dressed.


It’s not always about the former, but it’s certainly never about the latter.

I know of at least one all-male secret society that used to initiate new members (who had no choice about joining) with a mock “rape”. It was, as per the headline here, a form of “hazing”, and typically there was much laughter and fisticuffs, generally resulting in bruising of everyone involved but rarely bloodshed. The members of that particular organization eventually grew up and they don’t do that any more, but they are all still good friends so I will not name them. For them, as rowdy teenagers, it was a way to flaunt social conventions and defy the Olds - perhaps appropriate to junior high students, I dunno.

I wrote the preceding paragraph to explain this one. It seems to me that these Customs officers haven’t mentally advanced from the norm of defiant 15-year-olds, and they think they are some kind of privileged boy’s club. That is not who I want rummaging through people’s luggage!


Many years ago I worked with a former Customs agent. He was a funny guy and I liked working with him. I remember sitting in his car in a Safeway parking lot and he was evaluating each person who walked by and calling out which ones were, in his words, “dirty.” That’s just the way he was built. Nearly everyone was almost certainly guilty. Later on I heard he went back to Customs because he just needed to be busting people.