The TSA strip searched a grandmother on Mother's Day and now says that she's overreacting because it's no different from a locker room

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Which is why locker rooms in schools are terrible—many kids don’t consent to it.


Is this coasting off Trump’s “Locker room talk” excuse from the Access hollywood tapes? Are Locker Rooms now the go-to excuse for fascist behavior? If so, as with Trump, I think it’s important to add that yes, there are psychos people have to deal with in locker rooms, who talk about raping women, and delight in humiliating others as a show of power. Even in locker rooms, it doesn’t make it ok, and never has. The rest of us are just trying to get ready to go in the pool.


“This is no different than when another woman in the locker room gives someone an involuntary pat-down and inspects their feminine hygiene products” doesn’t actually sound like much of a defense to me.


“Stop being so hysterical!”

Yeah… sue the shit out of them, Granny; I hope you win.


I don’t normally say this, but that lawyer sounds good.


Now I admit, I have never been inside a women’s locker room…but I suspect that doesn’t actually happen outside of porn.


Don’t be silly; mainstream porn almost never acknowledges that women are, in fact, people who have actual biological functions.

On the other hand, I’m sure there must be a mysophilia/salirophilia fetish website out there, somewhere in existence… but I’ll be damned if I’m gonna look that up.


pretty sure women feeling other women up in a locker room at the gym is essentially in every “lesbian” porn flick directed at hetero men.

Or maybe that’s skinomax level stuff?

I’m not looking any of it up either.

I meant the part about having to show her ‘sanitary device.’


Have any of our “leaders” or candidates proposed reigning in these TSA thugs?

Every one of these now-ubiquitous full-body scanners at our airports represents an outrageous security-theater boondoggle. Funny how no one asked, “How are you going to pay for those?”


I think I was blocking that part out of my head for sanity purposes.


Never seen on a locker room wall: “For a good time, call TSA”

I really hope she wins.

It’s hard to believe we went all those years without the TSA if they are so damned necessary. Sure, occasionally bad things happened in the “bad old days” because bad people wanted to do bad things. But think of how much grief, misery, or even just inconvenience (be sure to arrive 2 hours before your boarding time) the TSA inflicts on hundreds of thousands/millions of people every single day, and bad things still happen. In my opinion the trade-off for the illusion of safety is not worth it. I’m just glad I don’t have to fly very often.


I still remember being in high school during 9/11, and I remember in the weeks afterward I had this feeling that for the rest of my life, absolutely anything that could be abused against people in the name of supposed safety would be.

Every year since it’s only gotten worse. I’m really wishing I hadn’t been right.

I want to see these bastards removed from their jobs and disbanded as an agency. The only thing they’ve achieved in nearly 20 years is forcing people to submit to humiliating an unnecessary security theater. And if any of you are reading and saying you just need to do this because you have to put food on the table, I’ve never heard pimps make that arguement. Go get some basic standards of human decency and find another fucking job


I’ve undressed in plenty of locker rooms. Just part of the gym experience (an often uncomfortable part).
If I was ever forced into a locker room to undress while someone watched me, I’d expect them to be arrested and face criminal charges.
How could anyone say that this is routinely experienced a locker room with a straight face, let alone in a written statement intended to defend your respect for others privacy?
The lawyers for the TSA are as incompetent as the agents in the airport


It reads like they mixed up the locker room with the bathroom. In my entire gym experience, I’ve never seen someone change sanitary products out in the open. That’s why bathrooms have stalls.


Rule 54. If it exists, there is porn of it.

Never ever seen another woman’s pad or tampon in the women’s locker room. And if another occupant of the locker room was examining my panties that would definitely not be a routine experience.


34… Rule 34