The TSA strip searched a grandmother on Mother's Day and now says that she's overreacting because it's no different from a locker room

One of the male teachers in my high school was caught placing a videocamera in the vent of the girls’ locker room, a couple years after I left.

He was a moron and got caught because of the red ‘recording’ light being spotted in the vent (first minute of the video was apparently him fiddling with the camera then walking away), but I think there are certainly others capable of getting away with such an awful intrusion.

I hate the locker room in my school. I was never sexually victimized, but I had a lot of acne, and there were plenty of garden variety douchebags who made sport of pointing it out and acting disgusted. And there was definitely a lot of homophobic crap happening, though I really hope that things have improved since the 80s.


Fuckin’ A, he is.

Rules 34 and 35 (if there is no such porn yet, it will be made) are bad enough; I don’t even wanna know what “54” might entail.


Well by this logic, beating these people senseless with bats should be A-ok because they would acquire blunt force injuries about the same as if they fell down the stairs or some other common source of blunt injury which people accidentally do to themselves all the time.

someone needs to watch a whole bunch of kids tv from the 70’s and 80’s… “which of these things is not like the other…


Please don’t take this as support for the TSA in any way possible, because I’d be quite happy if that agency ceased to exist, but…

Why should the condition of having grandchildren, and/or the day being Mother’s Day, exempt somebody from Security Theater?

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